A little ebook for your kind perusal ...

Last week I put out a little booklet compiled from my Twitter posts: Write to Learn. Write to Lead. 100 Tips for Using Email to Improve Your Work Life and Build Your Career. Here's the download link. Please let me know what you think.


So who needs a phone? ...

So what’s new about a text message? Well, this on arrives free to my iPod Touch and announces its arrival. Skype does not do this as yet. So when the other person isn’t available to chat with Skype, also free, I can schedule a call using textPlus, also free. I like free. Requires wifi, so this and a couple bucks will get you a cup of coffee and a call.
photo-2010-08-3-17-13.PNG photo-2010-08-3-17-13.jpg

Cool use of the iPad ...

This might not be legal in copyright terms, but it’s something. Takes your Facebook and Twitter feeds and makes a magazine from them.