OSX Mail app trick 2

I know a cool app when it anticipates my needs. Here I wanted to file a list of websites. Leopard Mail to the rescue with its new note feature. So I select and copy the web info, copy it into a note, save the note as an email, and file it. Or share it. I have saved these actions as a script, so the whole workflow takes a second or two.


OSX Mail app trick 1

The new Mail app on Leopard OSX has some nice features. In this one, you can use the "quick look" feature to see what's in an attachment without opening or moving it to the desktop.


Online, not in line

Hmm. Stand in line...iPhone? Stand in line...iPhone?



State of embarrassment

I never thought I would see the day when Minnesota was below the national average in anything related to education. Can our governor find his presidential aspirations worth this?


Apple pie

So I sent in my iPod Nano for a battery replacement a month before the warranty is up. I just received a new Nano. Nice!


One stop Apple rumors

Here's the best link for Apple rumors related to the MacWorld announcements next week.



Today Sony announced it will drop its digital rights management from tunes, to be sold by Amazon. That's the death of DRM.


Waffle good

Photo by Bekkah


Well it took the cowbirds long enough to show up. The apples are a bit like apple sherbet at this point.


Happy new year

We video confed with Chris today. Betsy brought some of her brunch with her.