Apple branded the world's most popular brand ...

The ranking christens Apple's successful shift into the consumer electronics market. Remember when it dropped "computer" from its name? But now what? Will it implode like Sony did? What new CE sectors will it take on? They have to be really big new chunks of business; Apple will now suffer the problem of big orgs. More growth requires exponentially more fuel.

My wish: I hope Apple takes on a huge new challenge like the auto industry. Cars are rapidly evolving into CE appliances--just as computers have. If Ford was smart, it would partner with Apple now. Why wait for Apple to buy an auto company with all its cash. I'm guessing Jobs has it on his radar. I'm hoping to be riding in a cool iPlug electric vehicle in five years.

Hannah's Recital

There but for the grace ...

With a little less cold weather in March and April, this could have been what MN looked like.


Happy Mothers Day!

A gold crown from fourth century CE Italy, from the Staatliche Antikensammlungen in Munich. Could be from a wedding.



Savoring the moment. Really?

From a BBC report on Obama vs. Bin Laden. The narrator says the President is savoring the moment. I cannot see anything in his expression that suggests this.

Dance video

"Inventory of the possible"

"Descartes, writing about 17th-century Amsterdam, said that a great city should be ‘an inventory of the possible’. I like that description.” Nice article on livability vs. lovability of cities.