The legacy of Reagan economics ... next stop banana republic ...

The average middle-income American family had about $9,000 less after-tax income in 2007, and an average household in the top 1 percent had $741,000 more, than they would have had if the 1979 income distribution had remained. SOURCE. See Will Hutton’s talk and book titled Them and Us.



So I think I will do this ...

Maybe you have seen my Twitter-based micropublishing effort titled MailTip. Well, I have established an efficient workflow for it and started looking around for another similar possibility. Reading a review for some iPad apps the other day, I realized that I was reading them regularly, so why not post the best that I find? These apps can be pure delight in form and function. So here’s Apptwips at Twitter and at the blog where I place and index these for my future use. And yours. If you have an iPad or think about getting one (Do!), get my Twitter feed. Thanks!


Wonky but nice ...

Here’s the facsimile of the 1906 edition of The University of Chicago Press Manual of Style. Free.