Seeing Winona in surreal light ...

I find this fantastique version of the photo I posted yesterday both fun and eerie. Used software to create what's called a high dynamic range image, intensifying exposure and so detail.




Saw these little cuties yesterday on the Root River ...

And we got response calls using the iBird app sound files.
Thanks to birds in photos for the thumbnails. Gorgeous bird photo site, btw.

07sb4129femaleindigo-2010-06-28-11-56.jpg 07sb4155indigobunting-2010-06-28-11-56.jpg


Looking over Winona, Minnesota ...

On our way back from biking on the Root River, we saw these cloud formations.
Here’s a link to the high res version of the pano.



Just for fun, financially ...

I like a fun graph. Here's one where you forecast Amazon's market share.



Found at last ... the veritable garden of Eden ...

Rev. Van Slyke’s booklet said it all and more: Galesville and Trempealeau, Wisconsin, are great little places. The photo I use as the masthead for my blog was taken at Perrot State Park, in the area Rev Van Slyke describes fulsomely.

“Although apparently not formally ordained, Van Slyke read the Bible from cover to cover more than 20 times and preached wherever a group of believers wanted him. He became convinced that the Garden of Eden as described in the Book of Genesis had in fact been located at Trempealeau, Wis. He makes that claim in this tiny (ca. 3x5 inch) pamphlet which he published himself in 1886.”


Listening to Oxford-style debate on organic food ...

Southest Minnesota farmers are mentioned about 18 minutes in. Not in a good way. This fellow suggests organic farmers in our region helped create the mudslides a couple years ago. Liar, liar, pants on fire.


Tom Swifties celebrate 100 years ...

"The word-game comes from the title character in a series of boys adventure books written between 1910 and 1941 by Edward L Stratemeyer and others under the pseudonym Victor Appleton (Two later series of Tom Swift Jr books followed the tradition). Stratemeyer's writing was characterized by heavy use of adverbs, a style more recently employed by J. K. Rowling in her Harry Potter series." More...


Displays that boggle the mind ...

Apple announced that its new cellphone screen will display over 300 dots per inch, or pixels per inch in electronics. Having worked in publishing, that’s extraordinary. I’m sure we never printed anything over 200 dpi. Publishers get ready.


Sampling Ma Nagel's boiled chicken delight ...

On our paddling trip to the Root River, I cooked up an old time picnic favorite.