Brother, can you spare me a dime ... this is the dime.

Barb discovered this in her coin collection. It’s a Mercury, which preceded the Roosevelt dime in time. Dated 1920.

Stick figure fun

I was digging around today for samples of stick figure drawings when I found this.

Glitter Graphics | http://www.graphicsgrotto.com/
Glitter Graphics


Plowline Trail photos ...

Here’s a map of the trail. It’s a hidden beauty... Oh well.






The legacy of Reagan economics ... next stop banana republic ...

The average middle-income American family had about $9,000 less after-tax income in 2007, and an average household in the top 1 percent had $741,000 more, than they would have had if the 1979 income distribution had remained. SOURCE. See Will Hutton’s talk and book titled Them and Us.



So I think I will do this ...

Maybe you have seen my Twitter-based micropublishing effort titled MailTip. Well, I have established an efficient workflow for it and started looking around for another similar possibility. Reading a review for some iPad apps the other day, I realized that I was reading them regularly, so why not post the best that I find? These apps can be pure delight in form and function. So here’s Apptwips at Twitter and at the blog where I place and index these for my future use. And yours. If you have an iPad or think about getting one (Do!), get my Twitter feed. Thanks!


Wonky but nice ...

Here’s the facsimile of the 1906 edition of The University of Chicago Press Manual of Style. Free.


A little ebook for your kind perusal ...

Last week I put out a little booklet compiled from my Twitter posts: Write to Learn. Write to Lead. 100 Tips for Using Email to Improve Your Work Life and Build Your Career. Here's the download link. Please let me know what you think.


So who needs a phone? ...

So what’s new about a text message? Well, this on arrives free to my iPod Touch and announces its arrival. Skype does not do this as yet. So when the other person isn’t available to chat with Skype, also free, I can schedule a call using textPlus, also free. I like free. Requires wifi, so this and a couple bucks will get you a cup of coffee and a call.
photo-2010-08-3-17-13.PNG photo-2010-08-3-17-13.jpg

Cool use of the iPad ...

This might not be legal in copyright terms, but it’s something. Takes your Facebook and Twitter feeds and makes a magazine from them.


So I just realized where Barb is going paddling ...

Let's just say the video begins with a view of Lake Winona and ends with Hudson Bay showing up at the end.


Remembering Orvieto's cathedral ...

which explains what churches once were: places of unearthly beauty. These shots are good and better than mine. But I guess you have to be there. (Now that’s a good idea!)




Don't know if I care for this bug ... feature ...

Kindle books want to let you know when you have highlighted what everyone else does. Hmm.


Thinking about Etruscan places ...

Back in the last millenium, in college, a fan of Lawrence’s writing on Etruscans, I had a poster of the Etruscan piper.

Pic17-Etruscan-2010-07-23-08-52.jpg etruscan-piece-of-art-2010-07-23-08-52.jpg
From “Cypresses” by D.H. Lawrence:
The smile, the subtle Etruscan smile still lurking
Within the tombs,
Etruscan cypresses.
He laughs longest who laughs last;
Nay, Leonardo only bungled the pure Etruscan smile.


Google translation is trippy ...

Best I can find out, the writer says that Lance was “chopping wood” all day long on the mountain stage.



My top ten workout tunes ...

What I look for in a workout tune is strong beat, long play, strong internal riffs (guitar, drums), and something funky that forces me to smile no matter what. That’s age related, I’m sure.


Post an item HootSuite ...

If you do much Twittering, Facebooking, et al., check out HootSuite, an online feed server. Then get the iPhone/iPod app for free. Great features including scheduling your posts.


The stand off and the time out ...

Peter and family visited bringing true excitement to Mini’s life in the shape of Bailey.


Seeing Winona in surreal light ...

I find this fantastique version of the photo I posted yesterday both fun and eerie. Used software to create what's called a high dynamic range image, intensifying exposure and so detail.




Saw these little cuties yesterday on the Root River ...

And we got response calls using the iBird app sound files.
Thanks to birds in photos for the thumbnails. Gorgeous bird photo site, btw.

07sb4129femaleindigo-2010-06-28-11-56.jpg 07sb4155indigobunting-2010-06-28-11-56.jpg


Looking over Winona, Minnesota ...

On our way back from biking on the Root River, we saw these cloud formations.
Here’s a link to the high res version of the pano.



Just for fun, financially ...

I like a fun graph. Here's one where you forecast Amazon's market share.